Preschool at Redeemer provides a Christian environment where children are nurtured spiritually, physically, socially, intellectually and emotionally in a developmentally appropriate setting.

Spiritual Development

Through daily Bible stories, songs, music and prayer children are led to an awareness of God and their Savior, Jesus Christ.  In addition to hearing about God's care for their needs, the children see many instances where Jesus showed both His great love for people and His willingness to act on behalf of His people today.  Finally, the children learn about prayer and worship as well as how to respond to others in love.

Social-Emotional Development

Children are provided many opportunities to develop social skills such as cooperating, helping, negotiating and talking with the person involved to solve interpersonal problems. Self-control is developed through positive guidance techniques such as modeling and encouraging expected behaviors, redirectingchildren to a more acceptable activity and setting clear limits.

Intellectual Development

Learning about math, science, social studies, health and other content areas is done through meaningful activities such as those when children build with blocks; measure sand, water, or ingredients for cooking; observe changes in the environment; work with wood and tools; sort objects; explore animals, plants, water and magnets; sing and listen to various music; and draw, paint and work with clay.  To help the children keep themselves healthy and safe, routines are followed.

Language Development

Many opportunities are provided for the children to see how reading and writing are useful.  Language and literacy are developed through meaningful experiences such as listening to and reading stories; taking field trips; dictating stories; participating in dramatic play; talking informally with other children and adults; and experimenting with writing by drawing, copying and inventing their own spelling.

Physical Development

Daily opportunities are provided for the children to use large muscles by running, jumping and balancing.  Children develop large muscle skills, learn about outdoor environments and express themselves freely and loudly through planned outdoor activity.  Children develop small muscle skills through daily play opportunities that utilize the play experiences of puzzles, painting and cutting.

For more information on preschool at Redeemer or to schedule a visit please contact us or call the school office at (920) 499-1033.