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How beautiful upon the mountains
are the feet of him who brings good news 

Isaiah 52:7


The quilters are looking for donations of sheets (new or used), fabric, and black or white thread. Donations can be brought to Church on Wednesday evenings or Sunday mornings or can be dropped off at the Church office on weekdays between 9am and 2pm.


In August the cross on the front of the church was updated with back-lighting and the colors can be changed to correspond with the church calendar seasons. Lights will be visible from dusk to dawn. This is the cross that is on the outside of the church facing Oneida Street.

It will not only brighten the front of the church, but prayerfully offer encouragement and comfort when times may be bleak. All can look to the cross as a beacon of hope.

Thank you to the Marcella Antonneau and David Strehlow families.


Classroom #1 Meeting Room
Classroom #2 Church Childcare Room
Classroom #3 Storage during the stage renovation
Classroom #4 Future home of Pastor Pett’s Office
Classroom #5 has been rented for the months of September - May to Coach Kris Wiesner. She will be offering instruction and support to parents who are new to the homeschooling/virtual process during this season. Class sizes will be very limited due to COVID.
Classroom #6 Ruby’s Pantry
Classroom #7 Quilting Room
Gym– The gym is being used by several groups this fall, Taekwondo, Trinity Basketball, NEWCHAA Volleyball, & NEWCHAA Basketball
(NEWCHAA = North East Wisconsin Homeschoolers Athletic Association)


July dollars were directed to Redeemer by the following members:

Ben Borchardt, Kelly DeGrave, Jeff Jensen and Jill Jensen

If you have any questions on Thrivent Choice Dollars and designating them, please contact your Thrivent representative.


Thanks to the Marge Hafemann endowment ($1,500), the Redeemer $CRIP program ($1,500), and an Anonymous Redeemer Family ($1,500), SIX Redeemer students will each be receiving $750 towards their higher education studies.

Recipients include:

• Jaden Goin - UW-Green Bay
• Cori Laatsch - Valparaiso
• Will Laatsch - UW-Platteville
• Jessica Larsen - NWTC
• Justin Mannisto - UW-Milwaukee
• Katie Siudak - Winona State

Good Luck this year in school, and Stay Safe!


Scrip is up and running, just a little bit different than before. Anyone who would like to purchase Scrip, please call Cathy in the office on Tuesdays or Wednesdays between 9 am – 2 pm at 920-499-1033 and arrange a pickup with her.

On all other days of the week, leave Cindy a message at 920-499-6519 stating your order, or text your order to Cindy at 920-562-3164. An exchange can then be arranged. Thank You!


The money from the pickles will be used to purchase the flowers for the planters next spring. You can order them by calling Mae at 833-6615. They are refrigerator pickles. Cost is same as last year: $5.00 a quart or $10.00 a half gallon. They will be delivered to the church. They will be available all year long. To order, just give Mae a call.


If you are uncomfortable with in-person worship and do not have access to our live stream, come to our parking lot, tune your car radio to 88.3 FM, stay in your car and listen to the service.


Join us for Pastor Pett's live streamed Daily Devotional streamed Monday through Thursday at Noon and available on our Facebook Live Stream Page or on our website Live Stream.