First Things First

But seek first the Kingdom of God and His righteousness, and all these things will be added to you. - Matthew 6:33

Whenever the month of September comes around and the summer months end, many people look to re-establish daily and weekly routines. School begins, sports and other extra-curriculars start practices, new groups are forming, everyone wants you to sign up to help with the next event, the leniency of summer has ended. Everyone is getting back to the daily grind and seeing what can fit into their schedule. We are quick to add the things we think will make us happy and the things that look good to others. Our schedules are filled, but we have forgotten the most important thing in our lives?

In Matthew Chapter Six, we hear, "...but seek FIRST the kingdom of God." When we plan out our day, our week, or the next month we forget to put God first. We put football practice in our schedule first, or Thursday neighbor night in our schedule first. We have prioritized our schedules and then try to fit God it where it is most convenient for us. Care for our spiritual lives is an after thought or is forgotten altogether.

What would it look like to "seek FIRST the kingdom of God?" King David throughout the Psalms mentions many times that he would talk to God in the morning. We too can start our day focused on God with prayer and devotions. God created the Sabbath day for rest. This is a day meant for spiritual recovery and devotion to God. Sunday is typically seen as the start of the week and also typically the day for worship. We put God first by attending church and the worship service. Instead of fitting God into our lives when there is time to spare, we can prioritize prayer, devotions, worship, Christian education, and our faith.

We can prioritize our faith and love God because God first loved us (1 John 4:19). God thought of us first when He gave His son Jesus to be tortured. God thought of us first when He gave His son Jesus to be crucified. God thought of us first when He gave His son Jesus to be buried in a tomb. God thought of us first when His son Jesus conquered Satan, sin, and death. God thought of us first when His son Jesus rose from the grave to give us forgiveness and eternal life. God first loved us by sending His son Jesus.

Our heavenly father didn't fit us in when He had time or when it was most convenient. From the very beginning in Genesis (Genesis 3:15), God had a plan for our salvation. A plan that prioritized His love for us as His precious creation.

Alex Wright
Director of Christian Education

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