A View From the Mountaintop

Picture this: You are standing at over 11,000 feet elevation looking out over a mountainous landscape filled with trees and snow. There is a light snow fall and the sun is shining brilliantly off of the fresh layer of snow. The air is crisp and refreshing and there is a stillness that comforts you as you take in the moment.

I know snow and winter weather is probably the last thing you want to think about right now as we approach spring and warmer weather. However, this picturesque landscape is one of the highlights of my year when I travel to Colorado to go skiing with my family in February. It is difficult for me to describe in full the breathtaking scene of being on top of a mountain looking for miles over the beauty of nature. If you have not had your own mountaintop view, you might have your own breathtaking view that can compare.

My mountaintop view reminds me of the brilliance of Easter. If you have attended the sunrise service, it begins with silence and stillness. It is a stillness reminding us of the events that have taken place, Jesus’ suffering and death. It is a stillness where we still reflect on our repentance and need for a Savior. A stillness where we sit with our thoughts and focus on the wonderful celebration soon to begin.

The snow and shining sun of my mountaintop view reminds me of the beautiful decorations of Easter. The white linens and banners that shimmer in the sun. The color of white reminding us that our sin has been cleansed and is “as white as snow” (Isaiah 1:18). The light shimmering and reflecting throughout the sanctuary reminding us of the glory of our risen Lord.

The crisp mountain air feels so clean and refreshing. The freshly fallen snow can be seen with no tracks or disturbance. This reminds me of the new life we have received through the resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ. The breath of new life has been given to us and there is no disturbance or tracks left by Satan or sin.

We live our lives as Easter people, looking to Jesus’ resurrection throughout all times of the year. We look to the blessings received through this wonderful act and with the confidence of our own resurrection and life everlasting. As my mountaintop view reminds me these wonderful truths, I hope you also find moments throughout the whole year to remember the joy and blessings of Easter.

Alex Wright
Director of Christian Education
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