Invest the Time

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

As I write this, just about all levels of school have restarted for the fall, from preschool through graduate school, or will be starting very soon. We’ve seen all the information of the difficulties that exist as parents buy schools supplies at substantially higher prices this year, placing a heavier than normal burden on families. While paying higher prices for just about everything, the burden grows greater for families. What burden is becoming very difficult for you to bear?

How do you deal with that (or those) burden(s)? We can try to deal with the burden ourselves and end up becoming frustrated, angry, and bitter. Or we can seek help from someone else as we try to deal with the extra weight and pain that this burden is placing upon our hearts and minds. So, I ask the question again, how are you dealing with these burdens?

We can lift these things up in prayer to God, but if we don’t listen to His answers, nothing can be fixed or truly dealt with. So really, we need to do two things: lift our burdens up to the Lord in prayer and invest the time in listening to Him for His answers to those prayers. What do I mean by “invest the time in listening”?

Just as students from preschool all the way through graduate school invest in their futures by listening in class and studying, so every Christian should invest time in a Bible study class and invest time in studying God’s Word in the Bible to verify what was discussed in the Bible study.

God cares about everything that we need in life, and all the burdens of our hearts and minds. He supplies answers to our burdens by giving us the privilege of prayer. However, He also wants us to listen to the answers to our prayers by listening to Him in His Word. In His Word, He communicates to us all the ways that He loves us and cares for our needs, especially through everything that Jesus did for us by His suffering, death, and resurrection. He communicates comfort, peace, hope, joy, love, caring, and compassion, along with guidance for the burdens that we are carrying.

So, will you invest your time in listening, studying, and feeding on His Word? This investment will provide eternal dividends and rewards from Him!

In Christ’s love,

Pastor Paul Pett

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