Pray for the Lord of the Harvest!

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

Fall is upon us. Our thoughts turn to brightly colored leaves of red, yellow, and orange, pumpkins and bundles of corn stalks, harvest and raking leaves. The harvest is not limited to the things that are in our fields and gardens though, is it? Jesus said to His disciples in Matthew 9:37–38 (ESV), “The harvest is plentiful, but the laborers are few; therefore, pray earnestly to the Lord of the harvest to send out laborers into His harvest.” There is a much different and much greater harvest with which we should be concerned. People who are alive, but without faith in Christ, are headed toward an eternal death and torment. There are also people who are alive in both body and soul, who are in need to nurture and growth in the faith. All are headed toward an end-time harvest.

The first group needs to hear the Gospel, which means they need people to bring it to them, teach it to them, explain it to them, and nurture it within them. They can be part of God’s harvest if only there were someone who would bring the power of His Word to their ears and hearts.

The second group needs to hear the Gospel also, but for a slightly different reason. Like rain, snow, and sunshine provide plants with nourishment, so also does God’s Word provide nourishment to the heart of faith that already believes. That faith still needs to be sustained and strengthened for growth and development. If not, it may not be ready for the harvest when the harvest arrives for them.

However, just like is our physical world there is a shortage of workers, so also in God’s kingdom in this world, there is a shortage of workers to preach, teach, and nurture God’s people toward the harvest. Jesus tells us to pray that God would send out laborers into His harvest. Pray for pastors, teachers, and missionaries to be sent out into God’s harvest. Pray that He calls them and educates them to faithful servants in His harvest fields. Pray that He leaves no labor shortages but provides plenty of those who will preach and teach His Word in all its truth and purity.

Pray to the Lord of the harvest!

In Christ’s love,

Pastor Paul Pett

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